Maintainable Living

Welcome to Maintainable Living.  All of my ideas lead here.

This is a place where I can put my thoughts out into the world.  My brain, dumped out onto the web.  Read some stuff, leave some comments and let me know what you think.

Scroll down if you want to know more about me.

About Me

Hi, I’m Greg.  I’m 36 at time of writing this, and I decided to make a website.  I’ve tried this before, but have never seen it thru. So lets have some fun here. 

I’m gonna write about whatever is on my mind, and will probably link to other things that I work on.  I guess we’ll see where it goes, as it gets there.

My other sites

For 8 months I lived in a van.  I made a site about it, so you can see what I learned.

I bought a kayak.  I made a site to share what I learned.  The site is empty, for now.

A place where I can be a geek and talk about home automation, smart lights, and other stuff like that.  This site is also empty, for now.

where i’ve been

So Far

Below, I’m just gonna put up a few photos I’ve taken while wandering on the planet.

Over the years I’ve done some travel.  I have lived in NY, NJ and Texas.  I’ve made it overseas a few times, have had frequent visits to Canada, and have driven in every state east of the Mississippi.

That’s not to say I haven’t crossed the Mississippi River, I have also been to several states in the west, including Cali and Vegas.

I even spent 8 months living out of my van in the state of Texas.  You can learn more about that particular adventure at my other site

Here’s a few photos I’ve acquired over the years.

This is a sunrise in Ireland.  It’s the farthest East sunrise I have a photo of.

This is a sunset in San Francisco.  It’s the farthest West sunset I have a photo of.

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